We help your business sell more by providing an outsourced sales force that is consistent with your brand and trained to close deals

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Having Something to Sell But Can’t Sell it Fast Enough?

Sales Mojo provides professional, intelligent, and hungry Sales Leaders who use Challenger/Consultant-based sales methologies. Sales Mojo Leaders represent your brand with incredible accuracy while at the same time pushing the sales frontier forward for your company.
  • Brand Representation and Enhancement

    Brand Representation and Enhancement

    Brand Representation and Enhancement

    There is nothing more important than protecting the valuable brand and tribe you have created. Sales Mojo Leaders become fully versed in your values, language, and goals. Telemarketers hate us because while they play the volume game and “smile and dial,” the Sales Mojo leader just spent 3x longer quality time with a prospect, closed the deal, and the prospect just finished giving us a raving review that is delivered to you the business owner for quality assurance.

  • Hungry Sales Leaders Eager to Close Deals

    Hungry Sales Leaders Eager to Close Deals

    Hungry Sales Leaders Eager to Close Deals

    Brand Representation and Hungry Sales Leaders don’t have to be at odds with each other! Sometimes companies fall into the trap of feeling like they can’t be aggressive in their sales strategy because it will turn prospects off and give their brand a bad name. Sales Mojo Leaders not only represent your brand with precision, they also get deals done using a Consultative and Challenger sales methodology. *All Sales Mojo Leaders are quota-bearing.*

  • Regular Reporting to You for Quality Assurance

    Regular Reporting to You for Quality Assurance

    Regular Reporting to You for Quality Assurance

    How do you know your brand is represented properly and your revenue is increasing? Through timely and accurate reporting from Sales Mojo. Bi-weekly reports include surveys taken by prospects who rate the Sales Mojo Leader as well as Forecasting and Sales Results. Quality Assurance is crucial to making the relationship a success.

6.1Million Dollars Sold for Our Clients
3Average Days Until Your First Sale
24Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Customer Support
6Channels of Client Engagement

More Than Just A Sales Team

Other Services

Lead Generation

Have something to sell but also need a supply of qualified leads?   Consult with our lead gen experts on the latest cutting edge strategies such as:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Other Highly Targeted Digital Strategies


This can be done for you as a stand alone service or in conjunction with our outsourced sales platform!

Inbound Call Center

Do you need a team of professional, intelligent and customer service oriented experts to handle your inbound calls?

Some companies don’t have anyone dedicated to inbound call reception.  Instead they have different people on “phone duty” and as a result the quality of customer service is low and most importantly…opportunities are missed.

Let us handle your inbound calls and watch customer satisfaction skyrocket and also see additional opportunities and sales pop up as a result..

Recent Case Study

trc logo

Inc. 5,000 Company

SaaS Launch

The Rocket Company developed a brand new SaaS product to bring to the market.   With zero market share and no dedicated sales resources, Sales Mojo was given login credentials to the software platform and a green light to go sell!

After quickly generating leads and crafting a professional sales presentation, Sales Mojo Leaders secured two customers in the first 24 hours of the launch, paying for their entire initial investment with Sales Mojo.  Each month, the Rocket Company has made 3x to as high as 10x their monthly investment with Sales Mojo and still growing.

Due to the success of the SaaS roll out, the Rocket Company has delegated additional inbound and outbound sales strategies to Sales Mojo including Call Center services and other product launches. In addition to generating leads and closing deals, Sales Mojo collected valuable market information that resulted in a significant shift in future software additions and developments for The Rocket Company that have positioned the company to dominate and own the space within the next 18 months.


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